who is elite Melanin?

No one ever told me about adult acne. Can you imagine trying to tackle acne in your late twenties? Like life isn't already confusing enough. Yep, that was me. I am Jessica Janay and I officially tackled stubborn acne.

In late 2018 my skin began to go through many changes and like most of us, I didn't know what where to begin. Everyday I woke up with a new pimple. I began to stress out more and more which eventually lead to even more pimples. To hide all of my blemishes and imperfections, I began to cake on make up. "Theres nothing a little concealer and foundation can't hide" is what I thought.


 I started every morning piling on makeup even if I was just going to the store. Durning the summer, I started to feel even more insecure. While everyone was jumping into the cool water at the pool, I opted to sit on the side afraid my face will wash off.Eventually, I started to feel like I was hiding my true self. At that moment, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands and fight the stubborn acne.

I began doing research on different skin types, products and conditions. I studied like my life depended on it.  I saw a couple of dermatologist and honestly, didn't see a difference with everything that I did. One day, I thought "why don't I make my own products, for my skin concerns." The all natural products that I made, cleared my skin drastically. 

As I started to share my journey on social media, I realized I wasnt the only person suffering from severe acne or acne in general. I gave a few of my Elite Glow Facial Soap Bars to some friends and family and they loved it. I decided to sell my products, my first batch of soaps sold on in one week. In that moment Elite Melanin was born.  

 I took a leap of faith and fell in love with skincare. In April 2021 I became a licensed esthetician.When your skin isn't your best, you're not your best. Most people have this misconception that acne is curable, I learned that acne is treatable . I enjoy helping others tackle acne and other skin related conditions. I look forward to the smiles and boost of confidence I see in clients after each treatment.

Jessica Janay